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Aerial Tango

…Ms. Angiel’s choreography doesn’t abandon the form’s finesse and musicality. It’s tango on the moon…New York Times, By BRIAN SEIBERTOCT. 11, 2013


The Compay has 3 shows on tour: 


All tango rhythms are taken to another dimension. An incredible live orchestra performs magnificent new, traditional and electronic tangos.  The results are spectacular: sensous and breathtaking.

Cast: 21 people



Recognized in the New York Times as "a truly festive experience"

Suspended from harnesses and ropes, the dancers cross the limits of dance, dance against the wall while light animations take the forms of their bodies, and accompany their movements as in a kaleidoscope. Sometimes crisscrossing with great speed, others generating situations loaded with humor, magic and sensuality. The music composed especially for the work, is performed live, complementing this fascinating experience, in which the dream of flying becomes a reality.

Members with live music: 21 people

Members without live music: 16 people


"The poetic beauty of flying bodies"

The new show directed by Brenda Angiel.  An interactive experience for the whole family that combines aerial dance with audiovisual technology. MOVI  invites to create a magical and poetic world in which the possibilities of the imagination multiply.   Between ropes and harnesses, the dancers dance in real time with live projections and transform space into a place of fun and light adventures in the air.


Cast: 9 people.

Fondo Punto MOV_edited.jpg

Punto Mov

Punto mov explores the dimension of the digital image in relation to movement - aerial dance - space and music, where the boundaries between real and virtual space come into tension. 

For this Angiel addresses the treatment of virtual image in perfect synchrony with aerial dance, affecting each other without narrative references, in an abstract nature. From this vision it aims to modify their perception. The experience is completed with the electronic sounds of the original music and visual devices.

T para T

T for T

Through aerial and contemporary dance, the relationship of two inhabits unimagined and unreal spaces.

The optical game invites you to observe the dancer 'from above', with a chair attached to the front wall, while her partner acts on the floor, then the roles are reversed. The multiple changes of costumes in front of the eyes of the audience take place in accordance with the transformations of the performers, a duet that transits from an idyllic love between a man and a woman, which is questioned and transformed with the diversities of gender, relationships and bodies of the same interpreters. Visual effects complement the dance, and include live projections.

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