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The Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company is created in 1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 1994 the choreographic search is oriented towards aerial dance.

The dancers break the boundaries, dancing against the walls, on the floor, and floating through the air, creating a kaleidoscope of movement and animation.

The company has performed in countless opportunities in festivals and schedules of the most important theaters around the world, being recognized and acclaimed internationally.


  • American Dance Festival, USA 1999, 2005, 2010, 2013.

  • Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC, USA, 2000

  • Spoleto Festival, USA, 2001

  • International Arts and Ideas Festival, New Haven, USA, 2001

  • Metropolitan Theater, Mexico City, 2002

  • Exit Festival, Italy, 2002

  • Lugar a Danza Festival, Portugal, 2003

  • Teleton Theater in Santiago de Chile, 2004

  • In the cities of Dallas, Boulder, Fayetteville, Arkansas; Atlanta, Omaha and Overland Park, Scottsdale, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Missouri, Oregon, New York and Puerto Rico from the United States among others. (2000 to date)

  • Harbourfront Center, Toronto, Canada 2005

  • National Art Center, Ottawa, Canada 2005.

  • Holland Dance Festival, Netherlands 2005

  • Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Austria 2005.

  • Lucent Dans Theater, Holland 2008, 2011

  • Castro Alves Theatre, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2008.

  • International Ballet Festival in Cali, Colombia 2009, 2014

  • Iberoamerican Theater Festival of Bogota, at Campín Stadium (Capacity 6000 spectators, 10 shows) 2010, Palacio de los deportes, 2014

  • 42nd New Victory Theater, New York, 24 performances, 2012

  • Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami, Ziff Ballet Opera House, 10 performances, 2013

  • Next Wave Festival (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Doug Varone /Brenda Angiel, 2013

  • Sibfest, Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Rumania 2015 and 2017

  • Festival de La Mercé in Barcelona, Spain 2015

  • Context Contemporary Dance Festival of Moscow, Russia 2015

  • Stadium Centenario, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2017

  • Wuzhen International Theatre Festival, China, 2018


In Argentina among others:

  • International Festival of Buenos Aires I, II and III

  • Cultural Center Konex (season three months) 2006

  • Metropolitan Theater (season two months), 2007

  • Opening of the Central Park of Mendoza 2008

  • The night of the museums of the City of Buenos Aires 2010, 2011, 2016

  • Amphitheatre Eva Peron, Centennial Park, 2010, 2011, 2013

  • Inauguration Culture Factory Santa Fe, Santa Fe 2010

  • CETC Experimental Center of the Colon Theatre, Buenos Aires, 2010

  • Opening of the Cultural Center of the city Pilar, 2013

  • Cultural Center for the Memory for the Missing people, 2016

  • Maraton Abasto, Fiba 2019 (International Festival of Buenos Aires)

  • Opening of the renew Corrientes Avenue, Buenos Aires, 2019


The company has also presented at corporate events for large international firms (in Argentina and abroad) as: Hugo Boss (Mexico and Argentina), Johnson & Johnson, Lan Argentina, Dow, celebration of the centenary of Chiletabaccos in Chile, Company Pirelli, NIKE, Huawei, Carpet one, Zurich Insurances, among others.



For her work, she is an undisputed referent among Argentine choreographers

Brenda Angiel is Argentinian, born in Buenos Aires. For her work, she received awards, grants and scholarships that turned her into an unquestioned referent between the argentine choreographers.


She was formed in different techniques of contemporary dance, classical ballet, improvisation, choreography and drama. In 1988 she moved to New York, where she lived for 3 years and studied, primarily at the School of A. Nikolais and M. Cunningham.

Her first works were seen in New York, at the Dance Theater Workshop, as part of the program "Fresh Tracks" (December 1990) and at The Kitchen as part of Working in The Kitchen (1991).

In 1994 her search for new choreographic languages is geared toward the creation of a movement of a new nature: Aerial Dance.

Brenda has been convened by many Dance Companies around the world to set her works such us: Company of Dance of Caxias do Sul (Brazil), Ballet IUNA (National University Institute of Art), the American Dance Festival 1997, 1998, 2002, Wired Aerial Theater Liverpool, England in 2008, University Dance of Company UNSAM (National University of San Martín) among others.

Brenda founded the First Aerial Dance School in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1997, where classes are taught for kids, teenagers and adults. She has also taught workshops while the company is on tour and as part of the faculty at the American Dance Festival, at the Aerial Dance Festival in Colorado and in an intensive workshop organized by circelation organization in England. She was the dance curator of the Rojas Cultural Center of Buenos Aires University and she was the artistic Director and creator of Ciudanza Festival of Dance in the Urban Landscape of Buenos Aires.




The aerial dance according to Brenda Angiel

Since 1994 I have been developing a line of technical research and choreographic composition that occurs in another "nature", which I call aerial dance.  Aerial dance composes a lexicon without departing from the laws of the language of dance, interpellates the processes of perception of the spectator from a space illusion that allows him to transcend his static vision, generating a new point of view. At the same time, it reshapes the use of scenic space by discovering sectors of the "Italian" stage rarely exploited.  In aerial dance there is a process of reformulation of the choreographic decisions (time, space, order and nature of the movements, as well as the interpretative technique). The technical resource used to build this goal is achieved through the suspension of the dancers by means of ropes (static and elastic) and harnesses. The result of this development was the drawing of a personal, intuitive aesthetic, where visual and kinetic pleasure is a fundamental part, as well as the artistic risk marked by exposure of the body.

Throughout these years I have deepened the choreographic language of aerial dance, proposing a new look at dance. This new look is generated through research in composition resources, crossing with other disciplines, the application of new technologies and the construction of new tensions in choreographic construction.  These questions appeared with more or less emphasis throughout the different works, and became protagonists of the composition in some determined part. For example, the idea of ​​fragmentation and focus around the body, or the idea of ​​the change of gravity, appeared, as well as the tension between the freedom of movement and the constraints of subjection.  On the other hand, the creative deepening revolved around the use and application of technology in aerial dance. The idea of ​​introducing the use of digital tools into the language of aerial dance was to create new space and gravity illusions, including projected video images. In another opportunity my creative interest was to create a show that intervenes to the tango - as much from the movement as from the musical, as well as from the steroids of the genre - proposing another identity, and paradoxically that respects it maintaining the essence of it.  Music plays a fundamental role and is usually composed of original creations and variations of existing themes.

I have created in this line of research the following works: Three parts and a wall (1995), Other parts (1997), Up-art (First International Theater Festival, 1997), South, wall and after ), The wall '98 (video-dance), Part in Part (2000, Contemporary Dance Festival of Buenos Aires). A Piece of Buenos Aires, Air Tickets (Teatro Presidente Alvear, 2004), Air Condition (American Dance Festival 2005), Fervorous (Liverpool, 2009), 8cho (Amphitheater Centennial Park, 2010), La Limousine (Centro Experimental del Teatro Colón).  In parallel, as part of the same creative research, and as a personal interest in expanding access to art, I developed a teaching method to transmit this discipline and created the dance school of Brenda Angiel AEREA where dancers are trained since the year 1998. More than 30,000 students, including non-professionals, have passed through it. The classes are attended by students of different ages and backgrounds, including from other countries such as Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Belgium, Israel and others.  The fact of having turned from my beginnings in the field of the dance to the search of a new, original and own language allowed me at the moment to be recognized locally and internationally like pioneer of the aerial dance.  Today, I believe that the aerial dance happened to be a genre in itself with the most varied proposals. But when I started there was not even the name of aerial dance I put it when I had to name the classes I was starting to dictate and I even had to design the harnesses together with specialists in the subject.  Finally the aerial dance does not try to fly but to express through the movement other sensations, dimensions and energy.
Brenda Angiel
Choreographer and Director Brenda Angiel Air Dance Company

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